August 14, 2019

About Us


  • LA Chamber Music Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that seeks to provide audiences with exceptional chamber, orchestral, and collaborative arts concerts that inspire and promote our sense of passion, community, and diversity. Through its individual programming and the generosity of our community, LA Chamber Music Company seeks to provide sustainable career opportunities and performances for its outstanding musicians.


  • To redefine, enrich, and expand upon the traditional concert experience by highlighting the breadth of talented musicians across Los Angeles and abroad.


  • Passion: At the core of each of our artistic endeavors, to approach each concert with empathy and dedication.
  • Diversity: To program and highlight our artists that define both inclusion and artistry.
  • Community: Our sense of community begins with our tight-knit orchestra family and extends to every audience, partnership, and collaboration that follows.
  • Excellence: To consistently deliver the highest level of performance possible in every concert.
  • Innovation: In addition to programming exceptional classical music, LA Chamber Music Company thrives on programming new and intriguing literature, in addition to supporting collaborations with other artists and new composer submissions.
  • Inspiration: To provide not only an exceptional musical delivery of our concerts, but to leave every person with a new vision of their individual artistry.

Meet the Creative and Administrative Team

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We need YOU!

This company would not be possible if it were not for the contributions from our entire community. It takes a village to pursue our dreams of bringing inspiring, innovative, and engaging performances to you. We invite you to take a moment to show your support for the arts and how much our company can enrich our community.